Experience Matters

Let Onward launch your SHARS and MAC programs into the future with the best solution available for your school district.


Taking the First Step Onward.

Our team of innovative experts have a variety of background and experience in providing top of the line service to school districts with solutions for student plans, analytics and school based Medicaid claiming.

Product Preview

Let’s Make it Happen.

Our commitment is to the success of each school district. Onward will help you uncover the broadest range of Medicaid reimbursable services.

An Adaptable, User-Friendly Solution

Quickly document Medicaid services and sessions from any device. Our web-based data collection program provides a customized system with built-in, up to date business rules exclusively for school districts.

Quality and Consistency

Onward's Medicaid solution covers all service providers across your district, delivering in-depth, error-free claims processing to maximize your reimbursement dollars.