Onward Medicaid

Let Onward launch your program into the future with the best Medicaid solution available for your school district. Our focus is to maximize Medicaid reimbursements through an innovative technology solution. By providing a user-friendly application that has built-in quality control, the ability to import IEP student goals and objectives, and validation checks for accurate claim processing, Onward is clearly the best option available on the market to meet your school district’s needs.

Worry-Free Compliance

One of the most important requirements for schools to obtain Medicaid reimbursement dollars is to provide accurate and precise paperwork on the services they provide for each student. Onward provides the industry leading electronic documentation system, designed to meet the unique documentation needs of school districts.

The Onward Medicaid solution includes tracking and validation processes for electronic signatures, student eligibility, parental consent, referrals and prescriptions, provider licenses and credentials, and much more. These built-in processes not only optimize accountability and reduce stress, but also eliminate duplicate data entry and increase reimbursement turnaround.

Integrity and Expertise

The Onward team of experts offer a special set of services to ensure our districts are receiving their maximum possible reimbursements at the highest compliance standards. Revenue maximization and program compliance are two vital areas that we focus on when working with all districts and their Medicaid claiming process.


Why Choose Onward?

The Onward team brings 30+ years of experience working with over 500 Texas school districts in school-based Medicaid claiming and services. We provide expert knowledge and services to our clients in addition to a revolutionary, complete documentation platform customized to the user. Eliminate uncertainty by letting Onward ensure maximum recovery for your schools.

Complete Medicaid Data Management

  • Single login for all-in-one access
  • Full-service cost report services
  • Random Moment Time Study services
  • Audits and desk reviews
  • Personalized onsite training
  • 100% web-based for easy access from any browser
  • Free mobile app
  • Simple start-up and transitioning
  • Over 40 customizable real-time reporting tools