What Our Clients Say.

"We just love ONWARD. We have really appreciated the personal and consistent support we receive from all levels of this organization. ONWARD'S knowledge of all things new in the world of SHARS has been invaluable as we navigate all of these challenges. They are super patient with all of our questions and are responsive when we need a quick answer. We really really appreciate ONWARD."

Amber Snyder

Coordinator of Assessment & Compliance
New Caney ISD

Brandi Stapleton

Director of Special Education
Lumberton ISD
“In our rapidly changing world of SHARS services in school districts, ONWARD Special Education Technology Solutions has provided our district with informed consistency for the last 3-years. Their customer support team is always timely, responsive, patient, and accommodating to all of our questions and needs. Our relationship with ONWARD is more than just as an individual vendor, we are a team and a family. ”
"Our district began using ONWARD at the beginning of the school year last year. I can't say enough about the quality of support that we received from the ONWARD team in every aspect of the transition process. Not only was our transition smoother than I ever could have imagined, but the continued support throughout the school year was exceptional. The ONWARD team went above and beyond to support our service providers with any questions that they had. They were quick to respond and spent as much time as we needed to ensure that everyone was comfortable and confident with every aspect of the program. I also appreciated all of the support they provided to me as a director to ensure that we were meeting compliance requirements. I would highly recommend switching over to ONWARD if you haven't done so already. "

Christina Reid

Director of Special Services
Chapel Hill ISD

Corrin Gonzales

Special Education Director
Bridge City ISD
“Our district has been very pleased with the level of support ONWARD provides. The staff at Onward is very knowledgeable and truly loves to serve and support their clients. Our district SHARS participants rave about the straightforward and efficient ONWARD program. The efficiency of the program allows staff to be more involved in providing services than entering claims. The ONWARD Team has made the SHARS billing process stress free and I would highly recommend ONWARD as your next SHARS vendor. ”
"The client service we get from Stasia Viator and her team at ONWARD is second to none. From training, monthly meetings, to their personal interest in our district and needs, ONWARD has gone above and beyond to give our administrators, teachers, and staff the tools and knowledge to be successful with all of our billing needs. "

Mandy Stevenson

Director of Special Education
Big Thicket Cooperative

Sheri Maston

Director of Special Education
Fort Bend Independent School District
“This is our first year using Onward. The team has been great in transitioning us over from our previous system, and in the midst of a difficult year with the pandemic and students receiving both online and face-to-face instruction, the Onward team has worked with us very closely and with great patience and guidance to help us establish our new system, train staff, and provide impeccable customer service!”
"In a time of great change in education, we made the choice to also change Medicaid providers. Onward has jumped in with guidance to set our course straight and provided numerous training courses for all of our providers. Throughout the entire process, the Onward staff has been patient, kind, and willing to do whatever it takes to get services documented correctly in a way that takes care of Amarillo ISD."

Leslee Weaks

Assistant Director of Special Education
Amarillo ISD

Cynthia Gann

Special Education Director
Hondo ISD

“Onward's system for billing has been much easier for my providers to navigate. The time they save allows them to spend more time providing services to our children. The personal service provided by our knowledgeable account representative is outstanding!”
"We have been extremely impressed with the professionalism and customer service we receive with ONWARD. Anytime a change in Medicaid vendors happens, there will be issues to work through; however, our experience with ONWARD has been excellent. There has been clear communication, conscientious attention to detail, and consistent follow through every step of the way! I have every confidence that our SHARS documentation meets the program requirements and is submitted in a timely manner. I highly recommend ONWARD as your next SHARS vendor to ensure program support and compliance for your district(s)!"

Barbie Priest

Special Education Director

Sarah Magee

Director of Special Education Director
Farmersville ISD

"Working with the Onward staff makes the SHARS billing process easy and user friendly. Our customer manager has always gone above and beyond to make my staff feel confident and comfortable with the process, program and planning. I cannot say enough about how supportive and understanding the Onward staff are to work with on a daily basis. They are quick to respond and eager to help, no matter the question."
"The peace of mind that comes with Onward's consistent, professional support is wonderful. The follow-up, training, and collaboration that Onward provides allows more time to serve students, staff, and families."

Dr. Amy Mathews-Perez

Director of Special Programs
Robinson ISD

Robby Pierce

Special Education Director
Lytle ISD

"We have been extremely pleased with our Onward Program Manager's customer service. She has gone above and beyond to make our experience with her company a positive one. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and always has a prompt answer for any questions we might have. Our SHARS Rep has personally visited our district on multiple occasions to train our staff and make sure our transition to Onward has been a flawless one."
"Being a new Special Education Director I was not familiar with SHARS and how the program worked. Our Onward Representative went above and beyond to ensure I understood all aspects of their company, the website, billing and most importantly the service our district would receive in partnering with them. Our Representative has become a trusted resource and district partner from the moment she began consulting with our district. Her enthusiasm for Onward and dedication to providing timely and efficient service has made SHARS billing easy. Her in depth knowledge Medicaid is unmistakable and her high levels of service are like none other."

Misty Higgins

Special Education Director
Port Neches-Groves ISD

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