About Onward

Mission Statement

Onward is committed to the integrity and success of school-based Medicaid programs by going above and beyond to bring Texas school districts a forward-thinking and innovative solution.

Vision Statement

Focused on leadership, knowledge and a passion for helping school districts, we are inspired to serve as the most trusted and valued school-based Medicaid system in Texas.

Core Values

Core Values

Children First
Onward is committed to supporting providers and administrators by putting student’s needs first. Our program is designed to reduce the amount of time spent on documenting SHARS claims, while maintaining a compliant and easy-to-use system. In this effort, district staff spend less time on Medicaid documentation and more time focused on the true goal - serving and caring for our students.
Client Centered
As a leader in school-based Medicaid our first thought is always "How can we make it better for our clients?". By putting the needs of our clients first, we believe that all things are possible when we work together to achieve a common goal. That goal is the success of our client's Medicaid programs.
Onward's dedication to complaint and honest Medicaid reimbursement is why we focus on clear, honest and correct information. As our clients look to us for guidance and support, our message will always be accurate and steadfast. We aim to bridge any gap between our school districts and government agencies to guarantee honest and complaint training, education and support.
Onward is proud to support our clients with the most recognized and respected names in Texas Medicaid. Our team consists of SHARS pioneers and experienced leaders in SHARS. Bringing together a team of industry leaders is how we will continue to lead the charge for years to come. We truly believe the experience our team offers is unparalleled in value.
Our team's belief in honesty, integrity and ethical decision-making is why ONWARD is the most appreciated name in the SHARS industry. Staying true to our principles and respecting one another is why our staff is so trusted by our clients.
Onward is commitment to the challenge to remain the most innovative & forward-thinking Medicaid vendor in Texas. We actively seek to improve every day to ensure our clients get the best & most reliable service in SHARS. Putting our desire for innovative technology solutions at the forefront of our thinking, our clients will experience leading-edge integrations & ingenious system functionalities & features which makes our product the most desired system in Texas.
Texas school districts will not find a more knowledgeable & experienced team of Medicaid experts. Our team of innovators and pioneers maintain the pulse of school-based Medicaid programs. Onward presents not only compliance experts, but also trained & experienced financial advisors whose goal is to empower our clients to receive honest & true reimbursements.
Maximizing Reimbursements
The financial experts at Onward take the responsibility of guiding our clients to achieve the greatest amount of reimbursement while maintaining a compliant and honest Medicaid program very seriously. We endeavor to identify all possible legal areas for school-based Medicaid reimbursement as the revenue generated from these programs help campuses and students.
Onward is passionate about SHARS and as such is always searching for ways to give back to our clients. YOU inspire us every day to lead by example, demonstrate humility and serve with respect and honor. The Onward team also likes to have fun and give back to the communities, teachers and educators who work so hard to educate the future generations.
Onward employees are sincere in the care and respect we demonstrate every day. It is important to us that respect, integrity and grace are shown in every aspect of our organization. Every Onward employee is thoroughly trained and educated in all aspects of the Texas school-based Medicaid programs before we partner them with our amazing clients.
Onward aims to positively evolve to changes in school-based Medicaid as well as maintain modern and streamlined technology solutions. Our innovative solutions allow us to provide our clients with the most advanced, efficient, and easy-to-use program on the market. As we anticipate changes to Medicaid, we will pursue wonderful solutions to serve the needs of our clients.

We have been extremely pleased with our Onward Program Manager's customer service. She has gone above and beyond to make our experience with her company a positive one.
Robby Pierce

Special Education Director
Lytle ISD


The Onward Team

Shawn Gibbs
Director of Business Development
Charlene Carroll
VP of Operations and Business Development
Karla Moody
VP of Information and Technology
Aprel Dobson
Director of Finance

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