SHARS Audits

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Audit season is in full swing and it is important to have the district documentation ready in the event you are selected. ONWARD urges all school districts to ensure the following information follows compliance requirements. Documentation is adequate to support the services reimbursed for Medicaid. The sessions reported for SHARS … Read More

Random Moment Time Study Trainings Are Now Open

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2023 FFY Training Schedule   Wow, it is hard to believe we are already looking at the RMTS training schedule for 2023 FFY, but here we are.  As you may know, each district is responsible to designate two RMTS Program Contacts that are district employees. These two RMTS contacts are … Read More

Speech Therapist NPI Numbers & Referral Reminder

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Has your district started obtaining this information to be compliant by November 1, 2022?   Released on November 1, 2021, changes to the Medicaid program have made it a requirement that a referral is required for Speech Therapy services. The referral must be updated a minimum of one time every … Read More

SHARS Speech Supervision

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Let’s talk about Speech Therapy signing requirements versus Speech supervision requirements.  Four different types of speech providers do require supervision under the SHARS program; TEA Certified SLP SLP Intern Grandfathered SLP SLP Assistants The rates and procedure codes for TEA Certified, SLP Intern, Grandfathered SLP and ASHA or equivalent SLP are all … Read More

SHARS 2021 Cost Reports Correction Requests Reminder

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SHARS 2021 Cost Reports Correction Requests Reminder REMINDER: Districts wishing to correct information submitted in the 2021 SHARS Cost Report are allowed a correction period of 60 days from the close date (April 1, 2022). The correction period closes May 31, 2022. Any district that has not requested and completed … Read More

HHSC RMTS PL Audit – Due March 30, 2022

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Reminder! HHSC is requesting the job descriptions of only the SHARS delegated nursing and personal care service provider positions listed (filled or vacant positions) on your district’s current participant list (AJ22 quarter). Since these categories can be a mixture of staff at the district and do not require licensure or … Read More

Mandatory FFY 2022 MAC Financial Training

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Mandatory FFY 2022 MAC Financial Training Per the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Rule 355.8095 for Medicaid Administrative Claiming, Paragraph (e)(3): (A) Each primary MAC financial contact must attend and receive credit for training for each FFY in which the governmental entity chooses to participate. (B) Training is provided for each FFY and … Read More

2021 FFY Cost Report Reminder

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2021 FFY Cost Report Reminder All LEAs that participated in the SHARS program between the dates of October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021 are required to complete the 2021 FFY Cost Report.  Unless you have qualified and have been granted a due date extension by HHSC, you are required to submit … Read More


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RMTS PL Audit Submission Deadline: Wednesday, March 30, 2022 The RMTS PL Audit is required of ALL districts participating in the SHARS and/or MAC programs. Email notification from was sent out Friday, February 25, 2022 to the district’s Primary RMTS Program Contact. If you did not receive the notice, … Read More

2021 Cost Report Submission Due Date – April 1, 2022

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Some important reminders about the 2021 FFY Cost Report Cost Report training for the 2021 FFY is mandatory! Unless you have qualified and have been granted a due date extension by HHSC, you are required to submit your accountability report no later than April 1, 2022.  See TAC rule §355.8443 for more … Read More