Stay SHARS Compliant!

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SHARS Compliance is Key

ONWARD wants our clients to stay current and knowledgeable on SHARS regulations as it applies to compliant Medicaid reimbursement.   ONWARD works hand-in-hand with HHSC, TEA and other agencies to provide school districts with the most up-to-date information available on SHARS.  We serve as advocates for school based Medicaid program is Texas and in doing so, make it our job to support you!

Check out the link below as it outlines some of the most important items related to the SHARS program.

Also, to support TEA and our clients, we have listed the TEA SHARS Self Monitoring Report link below.

If you are a current ONWARD client, please contact your SHARS Client Success Manager directly or you can email our Support team at with questions.  If you are not currently partnered with ONWARD and you are interested in learning more about becoming one of our valued and respected clients, please contact our sales team at or you can contact our VP of Sales directly at