COF Statement from TMHP Should Arrive Soon

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The quarterly Certification of Funds statement  from TMHP will arrive shortly.  As you know, Onward provides a report outlining the information you need in order to complete this document. In your Onward Administrator account, please select Reports/Financial.  There you will find a report titled ‘Certification of Funds‘.  Please select the date range for the quarter April 1, … Read More

What is the Certification of Funds Statement

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COF Statement Dates Explained The SHARS handbook has new language with regards to Certification of Funds (COF).  The content included below can be found on page 39. SHARS providers are required to certify on a quarterly basis the amount reimbursed during the previous federal fiscal quarter.  TMHP Provider Enrollment mails … Read More

Certification of Funds Have Been Released

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Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) has released the October 2022 through December 2022 Certification of Funds (COF) report.   TMHP is asking LEAs to certify that Medicaid allowable state/local funds have been expended in the amount equal to or greater than the Total Computable Expenditures as shown on the COF … Read More

Certification of Funds Letters – SHARS Finance

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TMHP will continue to email COF letters Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) has released a Provider Notification regarding an extension for the SHARS COF letter notary requirement. SHARS COF letters will continue to be emailed to Texas school districts per the extension, through October 23, 2020.   Please click the … Read More

SHARS Certification of Funds Temporary Process

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HHSC releases an updated temporary process regarding the SHARS mandatory COF letter School districts participating in the SHARS Medicaid program are required to certify costs on a quarterly basis for each federal fiscal quarter. TMHP Provider Enrollment mails quarterly Certification of Funds (COF) letters to SHARS providers, which must be … Read More

SHARS Quarterly Certification of Funds “COF” Notice 

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Certification of Funds Letter Notification The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Rate Analysis Department is aware that Quarterly Certification of Funds letters were mailed to school districts at the beginning of April. HHSC understands that schools are not able to access these letters or respond, due to COVID-19.  HHSC … Read More