2021–2022 Indirect Cost Rates for Independent School Districts

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Process for Certification of 2021–2022 Indirect Cost Rates for Independent School Districts

The TEA has uploaded the completed Indirect Cost Rate Proposals (ICRPs) in GFFC Reports and Data Collections. ISDs that requested an indirect cost rate must review, approve, and certify their ICRP data by May 21, 2021. 

The following new Texas Education Agency Correspondence has been posted at the TEA website:


Effective with school year 2018–2019, ISDs must request an indirect cost rate each year by completing and submitting the ICRP Additional Costs Workbook (ACW), as described in a To the Administrator Addressed letter of . The deadline for submitting the workbook, and thus requesting indirect cost rates, was January 19, 2021.  You may access instructions and process information using the link provided below.


If you have questions about the indirect cost rate process, please email compliance@tea.texas.gov.   You may also contact the ONWARD Finance Department for questions regarding the ICR and how it relates to the SHARS program.  Please email us as finance@onwardlearning.com.