Open MAC Quarter Deadline Due February 3, 2023

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ONWARD would like to remind all districts participating in the MAC program that that your July-September 2022 Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) financial submission is due on February 3, 2023.

The original open notice from December 19, 2022 has been included below for your reference.

The following resources are available to assist you.

Contact Aprel Dobson with the Onward Financial team at for planning and preparation of your MAC financial submissions or to find out how your district can get enrolled and start receiving MAC reimbursements for services already being provided in your school district.

For questions regarding the completion and submission of the MAC Financials, contact the HHSC MAC Team at (512) 462-6200 or

For questions regarding access to Fairbanks, please contact the Fairbanks Client Information Center at (888) 321-1225 or