Fairbanks: FFY 2025 RMTS Training Changes and Updates

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Fairbanks sent out an email last week with changes for FFY 2025

The RMTS is being revamped. Some key things to note:
  1. No May RMTS training dates. Dates have been released and the first training dates are in AUGUST 2024.
  2. One single training,  no more initial vs  refresher training.
  3. The 4th Quarter RMTS sample dates will be between 8/19/2024 – 9/30/2024
  4. RMTS training will go through April.
And Please Remember: 
  • A district’s Primary RMTS contact must be trained prior to certifying the OD24 Quarter in September. 
  • The district’s secondary RMTS contact must be trained prior to the certifications of the second quarter (JM25), in December 2024.
Random Moment Time Study (RMTS)
Mandatory Annual Training for Local education agency (LEA)
Federal Fiscal Year 2025. (October 2024 to September 2025)

FFY 2025 RMTS Training Changes & Updates 


HHSC will no longer have early May RMTS trainings for the upcoming fiscal year because Local Education Agencies (LEAs) are now required to participate in a fourth quarter time study.

The fourth quarter participant list (PL) close date is May 15thand the Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) will begin August 19, 2024, and end on Monday, September 30, 2024.

Consolidated Trainings – In an effort to simplify qualification requirements for providers, HHSC has consolidated “Initial” and “Refresher” trainings into a single training. An RMTS contact must attend training annually to gain RMTS access, regardless of prior training status.

Streamlined Training Schedule – HHSC will release the upcoming FFY 2025 training announcement and schedule in May 2024. LEAs are required to adhere to the training requirements previously set for each RMTS contact role (primary and secondary).

To further simplify the training process for providers, the training calendar has undergone the following changes:

  • 1st quarter trainings will begin every August.
  • A 4th quarter RMTS training will be added in April 2025, for districts with new onboarding staff only.

RMTS Contacts who do not complete the required annual training will have “view-only” access and the inability to certify the PL or make changes in the time study sample. Training non-compliance can also result in a district’s inability to participate in RMTS, School Health & Related Services (SHARS) and Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC). It is the responsibility of the district and primary RMTS contact to ensure the designated RMTS Contacts attend annual trainingA third-party vendor, SSA or Co-op training credit will not be counted towards fulfilling a districts annual training compliance.

If you have any questions, please contact the HHSC Time Study Unit at Time.Study@hhs.texas.gov or at (737) 867-7794.