SHARS 2021 Cost Reports Correction Requests Reminder

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SHARS 2021 Cost Reports Correction Requests Reminder

REMINDER: Districts wishing to correct information submitted in the 2021 SHARS Cost Report are allowed a correction period of 60 days from the close date (April 1, 2022).

The correction period closes May 31, 2022. Any district that has not requested and completed corrections to their 2021 SHARS Cost Report by the deadline will not be able to submit corrections, unless requested during the review periods by HHSC-PFD.


Provider-initiated amendments and/or adjustments to a closed cost report must be requested in writing.

To make a correction to a cost report please contact Aprel Dobson with the ONWARD Finance Team at or by phone at 817-846-3963.

HHSC requires the following items to be submitted when submitting for a Cost Report correction request:

  • Scan and send a written district-initiated correction request to
  • Correction requests must be on district letterhead, dated and signed by the Financial Contact.
  • Correction requests must be notarized.
  • Requests should include:

o District Name

o District NPI and TPI

o Year of the cost report in need of correction

o Brief description of the issue/correction

o Length of time needed to complete the revisions


For questions, please call the SHARS helpline at (512) 730-7400 or email us at For help with STAIRS, contact the Fairbanks Information Center at 888-321-1225 or