SHARS Medicaid FMAP Reminder

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The FMAP (Federal Medical Assistance Percentage) is the federal portion of the SHARS rates submitted on Medicaid claims for LEAs participating in SHARS.  The FMAP dictates how large the potential pool of reimbursement the district can receive under the SHARS program.

Reductions in FMAP equate to a reduction in both interim and Cost Report reimbursements.

Since 2020, the FMAP was increased by 6.2% for COVID relief. The FFY 2023 is the last year for the COVID emergency relief. The calculated FMAP for FFY2023 is 59.87% with a 6.2% COVID relief. This gives a net FMAP of 66.07%.  However, the COVID relief will be phasing out starting April 1, 2023.  From there, it is expected the FMAP will drop each quarter until completely phased out by January 2024.


Quarter – FMAP %

July – Sept ‘23 – 62.37%

Oct – Dec ‘23 – 61.37%

Jan – Mar ‘24 – 59.87%

The FMAP for FFY2024 will be 60.15%.

If you have any questions about the FMAP and the implications it has on SHARS revenue, please contact your ONWARD SHARS Account Manager by phone or email or you can contact Aprel Dobson, Director of Finance, at