2021 Cost Report Notifications

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2021 Cost Report — HHSC Notification of Adjustment / Reconciliation / Settlement


Fairbanks and HHSC, in accordance with Title 1 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §355.107(a), have begun to release notification of the 2021 Cost Report.

The district’s Superintendent, CFO, Business Officer, or other school district official with legal authority must coordinate with the SHARS Primary Entity Contact to review the 2021 Cost Report settlement. Only a SHARS Primary Entity or Financial Contact has access to STAIRS to enter agreement or disagreement on behalf of the school district official.

The 2021 SHARS Cost Report settlement is available on STAIRS.

Once you have accessed your cost report in STAIRS you will need to refer to the following two steps.

STEP 10: Adjustment / Reconciliation/Settlement Report: The SHARS primary financial contact and the school district official must log on to STAIRS and review STEP 10: Adjustment / Reconciliation/Settlement Report of the SHARS Cost Report.

STEP 11: Agree/Disagree: By January 02, 2023 – The SHARS Primary Entity Contact must enter agreement or disagreement on behalf of the school district official in STEP 11: Agree/Disagree of the SHARS Cost Report. If agree or disagree is not entered, HHSC will determine the district agrees with the cost report settlement and proceed with payout or recoupment, as appropriate.

Both of these Steps must be completed no later than 30-calendar days from the date of the email notification.  A full outline of the steps involved with either agreeing or disagreeing to the 2021 Cost Report proposed settlement will be in the email sent by Fairbanks/HHSC.

Information regarding who you may contact about this notification is contained in STAIRS and on the HHSC Provider Finance Department website located at the below link. Select your program and then refer to the “Contacts” section on the webpage.

If you partnered with Onward to complete your 2021 FFY Cost Report or if you have requested Onward’s services during the 2021 FFY desk review/audit period, please contact Onward’s Director of Finance, Aprel Dobson at aprel@onwardlearning.com for more information and assistance.