Don’t Forget! RMTS Quarterly PL Certification is Here

Stasia ViatorUncategorized

HHSC issued a reminder this week regarding the upcoming RMTS quarter ending date.  Quarter PL closing date is Friday, March 5, 2021.

The RMTS Contact must update/certify the PL prior to this closing date.  The PL can only be accessed by a RMTS Contact who has completed the HHSC mandatory annual training requirements.

If your entity certified a PL for the previous quarter, that PL information has been carried over to the PL for the current quarter.  The RMTS Contact must ensure that any necessary changes, additions or deletions are entered.  Even if there are no changes, the PL must be updated/certified prior to the closing date using the “no change” option.

Once the PL closes on March 5th, you will not be able to make any other changes for the third quarter of FFY 2021.  It is important to remember that for a position to be included on the MAC claim or the School Health and Related Services (SHARS) cost report it must first be included on the PL.

If the current PL is not updated/certified, it will cause the entity to become ineligible to participate in SHARS program for the entire 2021 fiscal year, and to be ineligible to participate in the Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) program for the quarter.

Please contact your ONWARD Account Manager with questions regarding your RMTS PL.  You may also contact our Support Team at   We are here to help and serve you.