MAC ISD Financials Q2 2022 (January-March 2022) Reminder

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MAC Financial Contacts:

HHSC has authorized Fairbanks, LLC, to open the MAC Financials for the 2nd quarter of federal fiscal year 2022; January-March 2022 (Q2 JM22).

The quarter opened on July 4, 2022 and will close on August 19, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. CST.

The HHSC trained MAC Financial Contact for your district may log onto the Fairbanks cost reporting website and enter MAC financial data at any time during the above indicated time period.  The close date is the last day the trained MAC Financial Contact can enter, verify, certify, and submit the MAC financial data in Fairbanks.  You are strongly encouraged to complete and submit your claim prior to the close date.

Please remember that certification of the MAC financial data requires that the Quarterly Summary Invoice (QSI) be printed, signed, notarized, and uploaded into Fairbanks.

The following resources are available to assist you.

For ONWARD support and questions, please contact our Director of Finance, Aprel Dobson at

For questions regarding the completion and submission of the MAC Financials, contact the HHSC MAC Team at (512) 462-6200 or

For questions regarding access to Fairbanks, please contact the Fairbanks Client Information Center at (888) 321-1225 or