MAC TIN Error Has Been Corrected

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MAC Update

For districts participating in MAC, some providers may have noticed their district’s Texas Identification Number (TIN) showing on MAC October – December 2019 financials was incorrect.  HHSC and Fairbanks, LLC are aware of this issue, and it has been resolved.

This issue will not affect payment for providers that have already submitted their MAC ISD OD19 financials.  Reminder, the deadline date to submit your district’s quarter MAC financial report is June 26, 2020.  Providers that have not submitted their MAC ISD OD19 financials can enter and submit their financials normally.

Please note this issue will not be an acceptable reason to extend the submission deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact your Onward Accounting and Finance Department at  You can also reach out to the HHSC MAC Department at or at (512) 707-6069. For questions regarding access to STAIRS, please contact the Fairbanks Client Information Center at (888)-321-1225 or