SHARS RMTS Training Oct 2022 – Sept 2023

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Also Known As the 2023 Federal Fiscal Year (FFY)


RMTS annual training is mandatory for all LEAs wish to participate in the MAC and/or SHARS programs.  Training sessions are conducted by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC).

It is crucial LEAs understand that compliance with the RMTS annual training requirement is mandatory.

  • Failure to comply with this requirement will impact the LEA’s ability to draw federal funding for MAC and/or SHARS services provided.
  • LEA’s will not be given full access to the online time study system for FFY 2023 until the annual training requirement is met.

If you attended and received training credit for any of the FFY 2023 RMTS Trainings in May or August 2022, you have fulfilled the annual training requirement and will not need to attend any remaining trainings for the rest of the FFY.

  • If you are interested in signing up for another training, you can do so. There is no limit on how many trainings you can attend in a single federal fiscal year.  If you feel uncertain about the time study process, ONWARD encourages you to attend another training as the RMTS participant list and the time study surveys are the more influential factors to your district’s Cost Report and settlement money.
Important RMTS Points to Consider:
  • Annual training is mandatory for at least two district employees designated by the entity as a RMTS Contact.
  • If your district is contracted with a Co-op, SSA or third-party vendor, the district’s RMTS Contact(s) is still required to complete annual training.
  • If your district is part of a Co-op or SSA the Co-op or SSA trained participant cannot serve as the Primary or only Secondary for all ISDs in your Cp-op or SSA unless it is for the fiscal agent district. The Co-op or SSA trained participant can serve as a second Secondary trained contact.
  • The RMTS Contact is responsible for ensuring the district complies with all RMTS requirements and serves as a communicator between HHSC and their district participants.
Primary Contact RMTS Training:
  • Early FFY 2023 RMTS training begins in May 2022. Since FFY 2022, a Primary RMTS Contact will now be required to take annual training every FFY.
  • A primary RMTS contact will be required to complete annual training (May 2022 – August 2022) before the 1stquarter PL closes.
Secondary Contact RMTS Training:
  • A Secondary RMTS Contact will be required to complete annual training (May 2022 – February 2023) before the 3rdquarter PL closes.
  • If a district has multiple Secondary RMTS Contacts, the Primary contact can select one person who will be responsible for completing the annual training.
  • Once a district’s Primary and Secondary RMTS contact have completed the required 2 district employee annual training, the district will be in full training compliance for the current federal fiscal year.

The below link will take you to the HHSC Provider Finance Department LEA (ISD) training information webpage on which you will find details about training requirements, training registration, as well as a list of contacts should you have any questions.

Upcoming Training Sessions for FFY 2023:
Date Program Mode Type Start End QTR
2/2/2023 ISD Webinar Initial 8:30 AM 12:00 PM 3rd
2/16/2023 ISD Webinar Refresher 1:00 PM 3:30 PM 3rd

*If you are more than 15 minutes late to any training, you are automatically ineligible to

receive training credit.

“Initial vs Refresher”

Training requirements can be met by one of two methods.  RMTS Contacts who have never attended RMTS LEA training must attend “initial” training.  Those who have attended an initial training may attend either initial or refresher training.  See above website for additional details.

The training for RMTS Contacts is held separate from the training for MAC Financial Contacts and SHARS Cost Report Contacts.  Training for the MAC Financial Contacts and SHARS Contacts will be offered closer to the actual financial reporting periods.  It is mandatory for the MAC Financial Contact to attend the separate MAC Financial training and the SHARS Contact to attend the separate SHARS Cost Report training to have access to the online financials.  Information about the MAC Financial and SHARS Cost Report training session is available at the links provided below.



If you have any questions, please contact your ONWARD Account Manager via email or by calling our toll-free support number, 1-844-843-1596.  Additionally, you can contact the HHSC Time Study Unit at or at (737) 867-7794.