Random Moment Time Study Trainings Are Now Open

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2023 FFY Training Schedule

Wow, it is hard to believe we are already looking at the RMTS training schedule for 2023 FFY, but here we are.  As you may know, each district is responsible to designate two RMTS Program Contacts that are district employees. These two RMTS contacts are required to attend annual RMTS Program Contact Training.  It is crucial for the success of the program that RMTS Program Contacts understand their role, the purpose of the time studies, the appropriate completion of the RMTS, and the timeframes and deadlines for participation.

RMTS training is required before the RMTS contacts can access the October – December 2022 Participant List (PL). Failure to meet attendance requirements will result in non-compliance. ISDs not in compliance will be excluded from receiving payments for SHARS services for the entire FFY.  Furthermore, ISDs not in compliance will be excluded from submitting a MAC claim for any quarter in which compliance is not achieved.

Click Here for a listing of the available HHSC FFY2023 RMTS Contact training schedule with links to register.  ONWARD recommends completing the training in May to allow access to the PL over the summer and all of August. As a reminder, persons who have never attended “initial” training are not eligible to attend “refresher” training and must attend the “initial” training. However, those who have attended training may attend a refresher or initial training.

For more information, please contact your ONWARD Account Manager for assistance or call our toll free support number 1-844-843-1596.

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